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Dave Hickman


Dave Hickman Dave Hickman, The Hollowkind’s drum maestro, is busy proving that necessity is the mother of invention. Having spent the summer of 2010 looking for, and failing to find, a drum kit with the capabilities he requires in the studio, the rehearsal room and on stage, Dave has turned to his technical side.

Having hit upon the idea of using an electronic kit but having found commercial electronic kits not up to par he decided to knuckle down and build one for himself. So several miles of cable, a stack of drums and mesh heads later he has an 8 head electronic kit with several cymbals, all triggering through Yamaha and Alesis drum brains.

"This gives me the flexibility to trigger any samples I like to fit the music for The Hollowkind and to change drum kits, sounds and cymbals etc at will. We are planning later to trigger non drum samples for special effects and the like", says Dave.

The transition to a non-acoustic setup wasn’t completely smooth. "Having played an acoustic kit for 30 years an electronic kit takes a bit of getting used to, but the advantages are fab….no more tuning, broken heads or sticks coupled with the ability to change and alter sounds quickly, plus it is very light and takes up less space."

Dave considers the project an ongoing one. His latest project is a rack mount for all the electronics which includes building a mixer for all the outputs and a headphone amp for practice.

On the music front Dave is full of enthusiasm. "I love the music Andy has been writing for his solo projects and now for The Hollowkind - a great mix of modern metal and some more grungy stuff, although some of the drumming can be a challenge (I don’t have three kick drums!!). But it is great to be playing with the guys again; I just wish it could be more often."

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