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Mark (Jonah) Jones


JonahMark (Jonah) Jones gives The Hollowkind their low-end power through his unique brand of bass playing. Jonah is probably the most musically qualified of the band having a degree in music but for him it is more about the playing and the camaraderie than academic musicality,

“After many years in a musical wilderness, it is a pleasure to be playing tunes again with old friends. Even though many years have passed since we last trod the boards, it is really just a case of picking up from where we left off: such is musical chemistry.”

Although the lads last played together over 20 years ago Jonah has lost none of his enthusiasm. “The new album is a very exciting venture and Andy has penned a fine set of songs over which to lay down the bass funk.”

Things haven’t necessarily been plain sailing though. The new band has brought with it new challenges: detuning the bass, travelling to rehearsals 75 miles away, and running out of coffee at particularly stressful moments. But Jonah has found one aspect particularly challenging: as a bassist he has traditionally relied on the tried and tested approach of a bass and dedicated bass amplifier. The Hollowkind material has required him to step outside his comfort zone.

“Having successfully avoided most technological innovations for most of my playing career (much preferring the 'plug and play' approach) it has been an education working with the latest technology, some of which might even creep over into my bass rig.” On the technology front Jonah has joined guitarist Andy French by adopting virtual amp modelling technology from Line 6.

Jonah remains focused, “Making the best possible album is the priority right now, but it will be great to get out there and play these songs live.”

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Red Shift

The Hollowkind - Red Shift

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