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The lyrics for Moondog from the album Red Shift

Moondog, that light upon my face
I see old Sirius is carving
crazy ways through inner space
And I thought I saw a shadow
cross the lights up in the sky
and braid itself upon Orion
as it kissed the sun goodbye
With soft caresses of his dagger
for the man who walked the stars
and laugh at those not quite evolved enough
to take a stroll to Mars
And for my benefit he told me
to stop staring like a blind man
Seeing things in shadows when I should be
looking with my mind

Took a walk this morning
Took a walk this morning
Moondog, there’s a fighter pilot crazy
as the archetypal Hatter
with an old archaic laser
spitting fire across your wingtips
As he flies on automatic
creeping up in total silence
and the sound is symptomatic, it goes…

It goes

Moondog, here I lie in this pneumatic
Excavation of the highway
and the signs read, they’re emphatic
Cries of warning to the motorist
speeding ever quickly by
and they see you sitting pretty
like a teapot in the sky
And I smiled at my confessor
because he’s also in the know
and they switched on the compressor, well
something’s gotta go, and it goes…

It goes

And it still goes

Red Shift

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