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Andy's ESP LTD SC-607B

Andy introduces us to his ESP LTD SC-607B

Andy's ESP LTD SC-607BIn recent years Andy has moved from standard 6-string guitars to 7-string instruments. One of the guitars he favours is the ESP LTD SC-607B, a Stephen Carpenter signature model. The SC-607B is distinguished by having a 27" baritone scale and neck through body construction. "It feels massive at first”, says Andy, "but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. And the 27” scale means that string tension is low."

Andy has the instrument dropped a full tone (A to D, low to high). The neck is maple with a rosewood finger board and an alder body. If there is one aspect of the instrument Andy is not 100% sure about it’s the frets. There are 24 XJ frets but Andy thinks the feel could be better, "If you compare the feeling of the neck with the Ibanez Universe there is a notable difference. The Universe is a Rolls Royce – a real speed machine – the 607 doesn’t have the same fluid feel and the strings don’t float across the frets the way I’d like."

The SC-607B's through the body string setupHaving said that, Andy tends to use the SC-607B for bone crunching riffs. "It might not be a speed machine but what it yields up in terms of overall tone is more than enough to make up for it."

One aspect of this guitar that Andy really enjoys it’s the tone. Equipped with two EMG 81-7 active pickups and having neck through body construction the sound is massive. "The sound you can get out of this thing is immense. The construction of the guitar combined with the pickups gives tons of rich bass as well as huge fizzing high-gain sounds." No doubt the tonal characteristics of the guitar are helped by the fact that the strings pass through the body.

The ESP locking tunersA unique feature of the guitar is the ESP Locking Tuners. When you string the instrument, rather than going through all the pain of having to get a few winds around the post before a string holds, the locking tuners each have a small knurled knob used to grab the string. You thread the string into the post and tighten the knob. The string is immediately grabed and held firm without the need for additional winding.

With the SC-607B it’s a case of you can have it in any colour you like so long as it’s black. All fittings are chromed including the volume and tone controls. A 3-way selector switch allows you to choose between bridge, neck, or bridge and neck pickups.

"Overall I’ve been really pleased with this guitar. So much so in fact I’m considering getting the 8-string version."

Praise indeed. The SC-607B can be heard on The Hollowkind tracks Red Shift and Guilty Pleasures amongst others.

Red Shift

The Hollowkind - Red Shift

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