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Andy's Ibanez UV777BK

We take a tour around Andy's customised UV777BK

Andy's Ibanez Universe UV777FPThe Ibanez Universe UV777BK (serial number F0014128) was the first 7-string guitar Andy acquired. After having played an Ibanez JEM for a number of years the Universe seemed like a logical choice for Andy.

Made at the Fuji-gen plant in Japan in 2000 Andy’s Universe has one distinct difference from a stock model – it features a beautifully customised fret board. A stock UV777BK will have so called disappearing pyramids fret board inlays but Andy’s has the classic JEM vine leaf pattern in silver. Customised by Jeremy of LGM guitars in Canada the customised neck really stands out.

"I think the fret board is slightly thicker than standard adding to the overall thickness of the neck," says Andy, “but that really hasn’t made any difference to playability. This is a fantastic instrument – a real quality piece of kit."

The fret board has 24 frets and the maple/wenge neck is joined to the body using the Ibanez All Access Neck Joint (AANJ). Older JEM guitars have a Strat-like squared joint and plate neck attachment – which actually looks quite unsophisticated – but the AANJ uses a rounded heel to give better access to the top frets.

The Ibanez AANJ (All Access Neck Joint)As with all JEM-style guitars the back of the neck isn’t lacquered, a feature Andy really likes. "I used to play a Les Paul Custom all the time but I found the lacquered neck became quite sticky. There are no such issues with this guitar."

The basswood body is equipped with DiMarzio Blaze pickups (humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions, and a single coil in between) and an Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge 7 tremolo unit. The tremolo is set in a routed recess allowing for a huge range of motion.

The UV777BK is the only Universe available today and only comes in black with a silvered pick guard. It also has the Light without Heat logo just beneath the tremolo unit, something Andy isn’t too keen on, "To be honest I’d would have preferred it if the logo wasn’t there. I think it detracts from the overall look of the guitar."

Customised vine leaf motif on the fret board

All hardware is chromed and there are single volume and tone controls. Pickup selection is made using a 5-way selector switch.

"I love this guitar. If you need a quality piece of kit and 7 strings then you can’t do better" says Andy.

Andy’s Ibanez Universe UV777BK is featured a number of tracks by The Hollowkind including Sick Twist.

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